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Ritva and Ted with their pet reindeer. Picture taken at the midsummer night.

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Ted displaying his Red Fox Viking Hat.

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Ritva wearing her Red Fox Viking Hat.

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Ted with a Norwegian Laplander

About Us

At Te-Ri Products Limited, our business was born out of our love for Finland. It began in 1972 with only one reindeer hide. It was not that we wanted to sell it, but rather the demand for it was so high we had no choice.

We have come a considerable way since then, and are now considered one of the premier suppliers of top quality reindeer hides. We take great pride in introducing commercially tanned reindeer hides to Canada - and later, to the USA.

Each year, we visit the four corners of Finnish Lapland to pick reindeer hides. We personally know the farmers who raise the herds and the tanneries that finish the hides. Speaking the language and knowing the culture has taught us how the lives of Laplanders and their reindeer are interwoven.

Ritva & Ted recently had an official photo taken with Santa Claus!

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More than three decades ago, our first trips took us to the outdoor corrals where the skins were traditionally treated. Our hands nearly froze selecting those first reindeer hides in -40C/-40F weather!

Some of the old ways changed since Finland joined The European Union. What has not changed, though, is critically important in providing our loyal customers with the best quality reindeer hides on the market. That is, Te-Ri Products still hand-picks its hides and antlers. Only the best reindeer hides make the trip over the Ocean.

Our admired Fufel® Dolls are trimmed with the same Finnish reindeer fur. The Fufel® Doll idea was born from a souvenir we brought home from one of those early expeditions to the land of the Midnight Sun. The late Eila, our talented and acclaimed Toronto artist and designer from Finland had a great eye for design and color. The Mountie Doll, one of our first creations, graces the homes of many happy Japanese visitors to Canada. Today there are more than 200 Fufel® Doll designs.

Over the years we have introduced several unique items from Finland.

Finnish knives are well known and appreciated. Sami drums, birch bark horns and bags are part of the mystique of the country of the Midnight Sun.

The four corners of Finnish Lapland. The four corners of the world. Te-Ri Products now travels to South America to select exotic cowhides and to New Zealand for beautiful sheepskin products.

Ted Selecting Cow Skins.


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Handcrafted Finnish Knives.

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Magic of a Lapp Drum

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Reindeer Antler Pendants

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Reindeer Bone and Antler Letter Openers

Solid Brown Cow Hides, Spotted Cow Hides, Tri-Color Cow Hides, Black/White Calf Skins, Brown/White Calf Skins, Calf Hides, Calf Skins, Natural Calf Skins, Solid Beige Calf Skins